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This trend is a natural evolution--one that was followed in the Ethernet networking world, as software functionality moved from hosted services into specialized devices such as routers and firewalls.
2 certification process, Stellent significantly expanded the functionality of its records management solution to meet the standard's stringent requirements.
Because of the nature of Release 6 functionality, the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) also became actively engaged in Release 6 deployment.
Operators and vendors will find this publication useful as they make decisions about messaging technology direction, messaging functionality, and extension of instant messaging into mobile networks with a mind towards evolving existing messaging solutions to more advanced capabilities.
This new SIP functionality enables point-to-point and multipoint voice and video conference between SIP-based video communications devices and legacy IP (H.
Quite simply, Layer 4 code represents the core functionality required to implement load balancing and it:
The ability to "crunch" through larger sets of data create large business intelligence competitive advantages which can be seen in new functionality such as P&L attribution, risk coasters, hourly scalars and user defined forward price curve blocks.
The beauty of the Vertical Networks solution is that it supports enterprise PBX features on an IP phone, which means I get business-class phone functionality whether I'm in the main office, or working from home," said Fritz Milner, president, Milner Atlanta Brokerage (a wholesale insurance agency).
Addressing the growing need for IT organizations to manage complex processes, Alloy Navigator's advanced workflow automation functionality supports parent/child dependencies.
This latest release integrates wideband TDM cross-connect functionality including DS3 test access to an already versatile CityStream platform which also offers ATM service access multiplexer and ATM switch (announced in March 2002) functionality combined with Next Generation SONET add/drop multiplexer capabilities.
ATLANTA -- ADERANT, a global provider of business and financial management software for professional services organizations, today announced that the company will enhance its support for e-billing by introducing new e-billing functionality and fully supporting the LEDES XML E-Billing Version 2 standard in the next release of ADERANT Expert.
There was no other system that we found during our selection process that provided the breadth of functionality while offering us the ability to cost effectively implement ourselves.
Data Reveals Made2Manage and Intuitive Customers Utilize More ERP Functionality Than Most
0's server-side functionality is also available as a Web Service, which makes its functionality available over the internet in a platform-independent way.
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