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Stellent Universal Content Management provides a single product architecture offering Web content management, document management, collaboration, records management and digital asset management functionalities.
These new modules enable the creation of advanced 3G multimedia and video handsets that address all the core functionalities and features required for the rapid development of 3G handsets and applications.
Handheld-based e-signature of transcribed reports is the first of several key functionalities comprising the ActivOrders product.
The release encompasses new and enhanced functionalities to FacilityCenter 8i(R) including full bi-directional CAD Integration, Inventory Management, Key Management, Space Audits and Space Allocation, Document Management as well as enhanced Service and Asset Management processes.
Led by Julien Viet, a full-time consultant for JBoss Group, the project grew out of the company's efforts to port PHP/PostNukes to Java and plug-ins with the aim of offering users an open, high performance system equipped with advanced functionalities.
Insurance Web redesign also included the addition of new functionalities.
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