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an adherent of functionalism

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Dominance of the Functionalist Worldview and Its Exclusive List of Military Books
If functionalism is synonymous with any kind of structure or principle of order in society, then virtually every social theorist from Marx to Weber and even Foucualt is a functionalist of some kind, and in fact the label has been applied, rightly or wrongly, to each of them at one point or another.
It is a well-rehearsed argument that, for instance, rare species cannot plausibly have any great impact on the functioning of ecosystems and are therefore from a functionalist standpoint redundant for the functioning of ecosystems (Ehrenfeld, 1988; Haila, 2004; Sarkar, 2005; Takacs, 1996).
However, the functionalist explanation in question cannot be considered complete.
According to Schaefer (2005:13) functionalists liken society to a living "organism in which each part of the organism contributes to its survival.
By contrast, the practice of law, properly understood, closely approximates functionalist theory's ideal type of the classic profession: an occupation that serves an essential social value by combining esoteric technical knowledge with general cultural knowledge in a way that neither the regulatory state nor for-profit firms can guarantee as well, alone or together, as the occupation's own institutions.
Specifically, this investigation tries to gather evidence in respect to the Functionalist theory of values (Gouveia, 2003; Gouveia, Milfont, Fischer, & Santos, 2008; Gouveia et al.
The contributions of Beatriz Martinez Fernandez and Javier Martin Arista benefit from the more central role that the functionalist Role and Reference Grammar (henceforward RRG) has accorded to constructions in the latest version of this theory (Van Valin 2005).
The critical approach in HR includes at least three arguments: (a) the Human Resources area is predominantly functionalist and/or positivist; (b) the Human Resources area represents the essence of the power and control exercised by organizations; and (c) the International Human Resources' approach explains, in practice, the neo-colonialist movements of the multinationals.
A simpler paradigm, one admitting far fewer exceptions, is the functionalist paradigm, which accepts that the state is contingent, and that international law tends to constrain, indeed, to mold, the state based on functional efficiency.
Browning is a leading advocate and reviser of this debate, and in subsequent chapters, particularly from three to nine, he provides examples of functionalist approaches to the protracted path in Jewish policy that, as late as September 1939, remained without a concrete direction or form.
For the wheel to roll properly, the spokes must be held together with a powerful hub--the collaborative cross functionalist.
Tawney made the functionalist perspective central to his 1920 book, The Acquisitive Society.
This was, however, an ambiguous move--speaking on one hand to a dream of a timeless ideal body while embracing on the other such functionalist projects as the New Man and the machine aesthetic--and that ambiguity challenges simple teleological models of the succession of avant-gardes.
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