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a psychology based on the assumption that all mental process are useful to an organism in adapting to the environment

any doctrine that stresses utility or purpose

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3) Further, in principle, a mental state of any given type need not even be realized physically, and thus the very idea of functionalism is compatible with dualism.
Breivik identifies another central aspect of functionalism in the choice and use of material: "Any artistic material is defined by certain possibilities and limitations, a fact that has led to speculations that materials may have an inherent 'will' unique to each substance, with which an artist's will has to co-operate" (p.
To balance the desire for beauty with need for functionalism, Angel offered methods to evaluate the effectiveness of creative elements:
This new paradigm, described below, might be labeled "social science functionalism.
Book/The New Modern House: Redefining Functionalism
3) Anthropologists: Mach's functionalism as understood by Malinowski.
Moreover, functionalism allows women to challenge body/spirit dualism and to cultivate ideas of "discipline, practice, and embodied efforts that are always conditioned by the limits of human perception in a fallen world"--in other words, to embrace a modest and ultimately community-centered vision of knowledge and action (2).
She argues that the authors engaged religious, political, scientific, and social discourses while challenging contemporary functionalism.
The barrel is elegantly shaped in a single piece that emphasizes its puristic lines and ensures a high degree of functionalism.
Where is the passion, the pride and the purpose - bar a deeply dull functionalism for the latter?
Otto captures the sense of upheaval and turmoil that marked the European era and the functionalism that saw this noble stream reduced to a sewer.
I have to refer you to Max Weber and functionalism - democracy can't always work.
Philosophy of mind: Putnam's contribution to the philosophy of mind argue for functionalism, the idea that the mind is like a computer, although he later recanted this view ("Philosophy of Mind")
Inside the Plant, hundreds gigged to artistic enterprise and aesthetic functionalism by Jason Jessee, Evan Yaniv, and Steve Olson.
By collaborating with renowned New York based architects whose collective designs have transformed city skylines throughout the world, Leyva has already left his mark, a marriage of modern functionalism and award winning design on such buildings as The Windsor at Forest Hills.