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1] For these reasons, we decided to use the PADUA classification to evaluate the association between anatomical features and functional outcomes after RAPN.
Early Glasgow Outcome Scale scores predict long-term functional outcome in patients with severe traumatic brain injury.
7) This finding suggests that early range of motion exercises may result in better functional outcome following fracture of the proximal humerus, which is consistent with the results of our study.
As patient reporting is subjective in its nature, functional outcome questionnaires have been developed to gain a more objective measurement of the patient's interpretation of their improvement, or lack thereof, although these still rely on self-reporting by the patient.
Children who had a second follow-up uroflow study were identified and the changes in their functional outcome parameters were recorded.
7,8] However, there is some debate on whether it can predict renal functional outcomes and surgery-related outcomes.
They have been shown to have a negative correlation with functional outcome, however, their impact on functional outcome was not clear (36).
All three studies had the same conclusion: whereas external fixation led to better radiological parameters, this did not correlate with functional outcome (Table 4).
Establishing a functional outcome or goal with the children and caregivers is an other important part of effective trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy.
While most of the studies lacked a functional outcome measure, Brewer et al (2000b) did use one leg hop test, KT1000, and self report Lysholm knee scoring scale.
In line with findings from a recent systematic review involving 14 randomised, controlled trials (Hakkennnes and Keating 2005), the EXCITE study showed that constraining the upper nonparetic limb combined with task-oriented practice improves functional outcome of the upper paretic limb and reduces self-perceived hand function difficulty for up to 12 months.
In addition, the severity of stroke increased with HT use; the chance of a poor functional outcome, defined as either death or disability and dependency, was 56% higher among women randomized to HT.
Appropriate FIM items and outcome scores were selected for each of the pathways based on a three year review of our clients' functional outcome scores compared to private sector functional outcome scores for the same diagnosis.
As previously indicated, functional outcome measures provide a basis for determination of necessity of service and success of treatment in these facilities.
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