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The 6MWT has also been used as a measure of functional mobility in various clinical populations, including stroke [25], traumatic brain injury [26], and mobility impairment [27].
The limited number of subjects may not be sufficient to argue against the clinical theory that participating in functional mobility could make a femoral arterial catheter unstable and result in serious injury.
With these programs--the Wheelchair Clinic, Positioning Program, Fitness Track, Functional Mobility and Restraint Alternatives--emphasis has been placed on improving the patient's motor functioning and coordination, strengthening muscle groups and improving physical health.
Although literature examining predictive measures of functional mobility for those with BLLA is limited, our findings are consistent with previous studies that state the presence of at least one intact knee is key to maximizing function [20].
The resident is no longer considered "at high risk for falls" by demonstrating an increase in functional mobility status, balance and/or safety awareness that has been documented in therapy records.
Due to a chronic onset of CIDP, expectations were for a slow and incomplete functional recovery with the patient requiring assistive devices and perhaps orthothes for future functional mobility.
Assistance with ventilator weaning process as strength, functional mobility and endurance improve
42) Of note, the TUG test has a strong correlation with the BBS and safely predicts a person's functional mobility.
com)-- Alkalife[R], the creator and marketer of TEN[R] Spring Water, announced today a partnership with Dana Santas, an international yoga-based, functional mobility trainer, to endorse and help promote the benefits of TEN water.
In addition to functional mobility Meniscofix(TM) may prevent the long-term development of arthritis that so often occurs as a result of meniscus knee surgery.
The many proposed benefits of FES during acute rehabilitation include prevention of disuse muscle atrophy, maintenance of bone mineral density, neuromuscular reeducation, improvement of functional mobility, and strengthening (4-8).
Immediately upon implantation of TAH, PT was consulted for functional mobility assessment and treatment, development of an individualized exercise program, and to prepare the patient physically for heart transplant.
Podsiadlo D, Richardson R (1991) The timed "Up & Go": a test of basic functional mobility for frail elderly persons.
Walking mobility was assessed by using WS and a clinical test of functional mobility.
She was very apprehensive with movement and required much verbal coaching, reassurance, and assistance to perform a limited amount of functional mobility (Table 1).
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