functional illiterate

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a person with some ability to read and write but not enough for daily practical needs

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A factory floor may be peopled by functional illiterates.
Functional illiterates are unable to read, write, perform simple calculations, or solve problems at a level adequate to enable them to cope with simple and fundamental tasks (BCEL, 1987).
Given the horrendous number of students graduating as functional illiterates, obviously something isn't working.
The disturbing alternative would be to have overnight a population of functional illiterates.
Many African-American athletes graduate as functional illiterates or don't graduate at all.
Listen, 44 million Americans are classed as functional illiterates, while 40 per cent of students at their Ivy League colleges didn't know when their own Civil War took place.
According to the Census Bureau, some 20 million adult Americans are functional illiterates.
The practice of turning out functional illiterates is commonplace in California schools.
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