functional illiterate

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a person with some ability to read and write but not enough for daily practical needs

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A functional illiterate knows the lyrics of many songs, but for most songs, the lyrics are known partially.
Like K-12, the evidence shows that African American functional illiterate adults do not readily seize the opportunity to participate actively to change their literacy status.
How they wondered, in a country crammed with functional illiterates, were the quiz shows routinely coming up with so many people of da Vinci genius?
Far too many of our children graduate from high school as functional illiterates who are candidates for the social welfare and criminal justice systems.
had the largest number of functional illiterates of any industrialized nation-an estimated 60 million adults in 1990, with the speculated number of 90 million by year 2000.
Just as sad, there are far too many athletes who complete their four years of college eligibility, leave the campus as functional illiterates, fail to make it with a pro team and are cast aside with little or no ability to provide for themselves.
A factory floor may be peopled by functional illiterates.
Functional illiterates are unable to read, write, perform simple calculations, or solve problems at a level adequate to enable them to cope with simple and fundamental tasks (BCEL, 1987).
Given the horrendous number of students graduating as functional illiterates, obviously something isn't working.
The disturbing alternative would be to have overnight a population of functional illiterates.
Overall, by the year 2000, the US Census Bureau projects that functional illiterates will comprise a staggering 70% of the general population (Torrence and Torrence, 1987).
A nation whose students are at the bottom of all international comparisons in education, whose cities are battlefields, who has a disproportionate number of functional illiterates and the world's highest crime rate should beware of chauvinistic reassurances.
Many African-American athletes graduate as functional illiterates or don't graduate at all.
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