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Functional approaches based on the ICF-CY have been used to quantify children's abilities using composite scores of functional ability representing general level of functioning or to profile children's functional abilities across domains (Simeonsson et al.
Because the aim of the study was to evaluate interaction effects between rehabilitation effectiveness and the type of discharge destination on a patient's subsequent functional ability level, hierarchical regression analyses were performed in the three patients groups.
Similarly, the ability to get around, the ability to perform activities of daily living, and the physical health summary score of the SF-36v2 were pooled to form the construct of functional ability ([alpha] = 0.
Our analysis of subareas of functional ability showed that all significantly improved during the 6-month period after admission (p = .
As displayed in Table 1, when rating his or her own functional ability to work with No Accommodations (n = 37), there was a strong trend toward "Substantially Limited.
The training program in our study was aimed at improving pain and functional ability related to knee OA, not specifically to improve fall rates.
The outcome of this study revealed a linear and statistically significant relationship between motor function and functional ability confidence.
ARIUS is the developer of a proprietary antibody platform called FunctionFIRST(TM), which rapidly identifies and selects antibodies based on their functional ability to affect disease before progressing into clinical development.
clearly people are training more and that may have an effect on their functional ability.
The first is that no child should leave primary school in Wales without the functional ability to read and write.
No child - with a mains treamability - should leave primary school without the functional ability to read and write;
Additional outcomes, such as functional ability, might be positively affected if other professionals are included on the CCM team.
Established in 1999, ARIUS has built a proprietary technology platform, FunctionFIRST, that rapidly identifies and selects antibodies based on their functional ability to affect disease.
Exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle can help people to maintain independence and functional ability.
In 2002 we published a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrating that patients with post-stroke spasticity who received injections of the drug showed improved functional ability in dressing, hand position, hand hygiene, and a decrease in pain in the upper extremity.
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