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a word that is uninflected and serves a grammatical function but has little identifiable meaning

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Pennebaker has found a number of function word patterns that correlate with the sex of the speaker or writer.
Our distributional analysis shows that hotel websites host two main kinds of frames, as shown in Table 1 below: one whose fixed elements are all function words, e.
a) In the first, we used two independent variables: the identity of the letter ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), and the syntactic role of the morpheme in which it occurred (as part of a function word or morpheme, or as part of a content word).
Apart from numbers, self-repairs of function words also involved personal pronouns.
For example, the terms blog, click/clic, chat, and log have no Italian language synonyms and are function words needed by the user to navigate through a given medium.
There were two experimental conditions: in the 'Adjacent function word' condition, the target words were immediately preceded by an informative function word (nouns were preceded by articles, verbs by pronouns); in the ' Function word and prosody' condition, target words were preceded by another content word and a more complex analysis relying on both prosodic information and function words was necessary to perform the task.
Again, the team identifies the function words most specific to individual authors before considering their frequency in disputed texts.
Strong forms of function words occur if the function word
Some function words, such as prepositions and the articles the and a, were excluded from the model building.
Afterward, only linguistic patterns that cannot be perceived in reading--particularly combinations of function words and other collocations--resist conscious editorial alteration.
Brother International's Super PowerNote Personal Electronic Notebook--which Brother is positioning as the alternative to notebook computers--comes with built-in software, including full function word processing, spreadsheet, address book, and communications to access CompuServe or e-mail.
Function Word Deletion--An additional goal of the sentence compasion technique is to relieve the user from the burden of inputting function words.
Each text slice is represented as a list of real values (or "vector"), which will hold the relative frequencies of the items in the function word vocabulary we consider.
A function word may belong to one or more of the following subclasses:
Having proposed that the lexical entry for the definite article is responsible for the observed distribution of the full and enclitic forms, and for the general precedence of enclitic 'r, we next demonstrate the contrasting behavior of another function word of Welsh, the preverbal proclitic y/yr (mentioned briefly in Section 2).