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a call that passes control to a subroutine

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the functions inside the interposition library with the same prototype as the "real" ones) are able to check, record and even modify the arguments and the response of the original function call.
Communication between objects can be done using C++ member function calls or FIFO's, and the need to use internal SystemC ports and port mapping for object hierarchy has been removed.
Also, additional calling conventions (ways in which the function call and function return are coded) have been added and these can be optionally used to further increase the speed of the compiled program.
Cache-oblivious algorithms can fine-tune performance at runtime and improve cache performance dynamically, but they can also adversely affect overall performance due to function call overhead.
It is designed for HCOs mat Provide integrated information solutions to a variety of clients with diverse technical platforms or that warn the flexibility of receiving the information in an XML format without having to manage the entire database of content HCOs also can use it to initiate information therapy programs or information prescriptions, because includes function calls mat allow users to quickly find the right content based upon industry codes like ICD-9 and CPT Healthwise Inc.
Customers can enable SAP Remote Function Calls (RFCS) and Business Application Programming Interfaces (APIS) to receive XML requests and produce XML responses, permitting them to interact with internal and external systems in real-time or asynchronously.
One help for applications that cannot be ARMed noninvasively is the Application Response Measurement standard and API, which defines simple function calls that can be embedded in application code to enable managers to monitor business transactions.
ObjectView developers use standard ViewScript external function calls to invoke TransAccess generated DLLs.