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Synonyms for fumigate


Synonyms for fumigate

treat with fumes, expose to fumes, especially with the aim of disinfecting or eradicating pests


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flights or fumigating aircraft in which they have travelled are on the rise.
But in recent years, growers have faced tough times that have made it difficult to afford preplant fumigants, such as Telone II or Vapam, and many growers also have difficulty with fumigating at the recommended time of year because of conflicts with managing other crops.
You won't want them in your house, as with any spider, but fumigating doesn't work as the spider is not active in the day and retreats into its web funnel so it can't be reached by the spray.
In addition to private companies, the municipality is also responsible for fumigating areas infested with rodents and insects.
With most of the cases reported from the valley region, authorities said they have expedited the process of fumigating the affected areas.
Since returning to Liverpool's Langton Dock, teams of cleaners wearing protective clothing and breathing apparatus have been fumigating - or "deep cleaning" - the vessel to try and get rid of the bug once and for all.
I would also like to know what is being done about fumigating public transport.
Parliament needs fumigating and that is what we the public want.
He said field teams were fumigating houses and streets in Makkah in order to prevent an outbreak.
The most common procedures rely on fumigating a soil sample to kill most of the organisms, and then relating biomass to the subsequent evolution of COZ when the surviving organisms start to metabolize the dead cells.