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a chemical substance used in fumigation

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The application segment is divided into plasma etching, HBR flow battery, PTA synthesis, fumigant synthesis and other application.
However, its revelation that it is exploring alternatives for the killer pesticide, nicknamed "bomb", indicates that it may impose a total ban after finding safer alternatives for the fumigant.
Managing the almond and stone fruit replant disease complex with less soil fumigant.
Intuitively, fumigant movement in timbers should be similar to that in poles, but timbers are usually used horizontally and generally have a higher surface-to-volume ratio that could permit somewhat faster loss of fumigant.
The Agricultural Research Service has been conducting research to find the best alternatives to the fumigant since the mid-1990s, and because of the issue's critical importance, the agency initiated a special areawide pest-management project 5 years ago that made several additional research efforts possible.
The petition says that that EPA can grant conditional registrations under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act only if it determines that use of the pesticide will not cause any unreasonable adverse effects on the environment, and "current evidence demonstrates that the potential harms from the use of this fumigant are serious, immediate, and of unacceptably high probability.
Oregon's reported pesticide use dropped by half from the 2007 report, mostly due to a decline in the use of metam-sodium, a soil fumigant used in potato production, Code said.
Soil fumigants are used to control root diseases, weeds, and nematodes.
The new system, which uses the company's proprietary fumigant Fumitoxin, can thoroughly fumigate a site in 24 hours.
Nearly all plants die after exposure to fumigant chemicals.
The essential oils from 15 species of African plants selected by ethnobotanical considerations and field inspection (odour and presence of insects) were screened for fumigant toxicity to Anopheles gambiae s.
Researchers also tested the system on an alternative fumigant called 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-D) using the Hytibar (Trade Mark) on raised beds.
During our waste disposal efforts," we worked with our fumigation subcommittee to establish our fumigation selection factors and select the fumigant best suited for our needs," Sgroi says.
On the other hand, use of methyl bromide gas as a soft fumigant is being limited because of concerns over depletion of the ozone layer.
Much production and use of that chemical, often as an agricultural fumigant, is being phased out under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer as amended in 1997.