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(of wood) darkened or colored by exposure to ammonia fumes

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The fumed silica obtained is a white amorphous powder with a primary particle size in the range of 7 to 40 nm and BET (Brunauer-Emmet-Teller) surface area ranging from 50 to 400 [m.
The surface of fumed silica consists of the three-dimensional network of siloxane groups (-Si-O-Si-) and silanol groups (-Si-OH) located on the surface of silica.
Modification of fumed silica and physico-chemical characteristics
Hydrophilic fumed silica can be treated by different chemical substances such as silane, silicone oil and functional silanes, resulting in a hydrophobic and/or functionalized surface of fumed silica.
This limits the reinforcement and rheological benefits compared to fumed silicas.
Fumed or pyrogenic silica was first patented at Degussa by chemist Harry Kloepfer in 1942 (ref.
The particle size distribution of higher surface area fumed silica, one with low [PS.
These surface silanols are critical to the final performance of fumed silica.
The country accounts for almost one third of the total volume sold in Western Europe and is particularly strong in its use of precipitated silicas and silicates, fumed silica, silica gel and high-purity quartz.
As Eastern European coating producers adopt formulations used in the west, demand for fumed silica, silica gel and precipitated silica will increase, the study says.
Degussa is credited with roughly one-third of volume sales, principally for fumed silica, precipitated silica and precipitated silicates.
Fumed and precipitated silica production processes differ significantly (figure 1).
The 105-degrees-C loss test results indicate that BXS-245 precipitated silica has the same low moisture affinity as does a fumed silica.
To achieve the best performance, optimum formulations were determined using a Box-Wilson statistically designed experiment for both the BXS-245 precipitated and fumed silicas.