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someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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Today, though, he is more than delighted to be at the Garrick Theatre playing beloved, fez-clad fumbler Tommy Cooper.
Mum said it was peaceful until I showed up and started bawling, but she hadn't worried during the birth because she had `the Feeler and Fumbler to the Stars' taking charge - the same hands who delivered Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard's baby, not that we had much time to chat.
Note, too, that these phone fumblers haven't been sacked or even threatened with this.
The contest, which aims to find the country's best hill fumblers, rewards the lucky winners with a romantic getaway in a posh hotel - and more than 7,000 people turned up to watch last year.
A panel of "eminent" judges will test entwined lovers on their trundling techniques and award points out of 10 to find the country's greatest field fumblers.
I think it's time we all demanded from the number fumblers in Washington an explanation for this apparent divergence from reality.
But there are timid fumblers, like Senator Hillary Clinton, who first supported then rejected a plan by Gov.
Stalin also deluded himself about the quality of his generals: like himself in the early days, they were fumblers.
Roger Ramsden, marketing director of Prudential UK and Europe, said, ``There are some financial wizards out there, but they are outnumbered by the money fumblers.
THE egg fumblers got their dream result on Saturday.
Prudential UK and Europe marketing director Roger Ramsden said yesterday, ``There are some financial wizards out there but they are outnumbered by the money fumblers.
But 60 per cent see UK men as unadventurous fumblers in bed, and they are far less satisfied with their partners than women elsewhere.
The former Hawthorn champion said: "They handle the ball OK, they're not fumblers.