fumaric acid

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a colorless crystalline acid with a fruity taste

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Table 1: Virtual screening of coformers for glibenclamide Coformer Structure 2D Interaction Ei (kcal/mol) Fumaric acid -1.
Immunological changes in psoriasis patients under long-term treatment with fumaric acid esters: risk of Kaposi sarcoma occurrence?
Research note: fumaric acid enhances performance of broiler chickens.
Table 1: Frequency of Increased * Urinary Excretion of Krebs Cycle Metabolites In Chronic Inflammatory Disorders Krebs Cycle Metabolites 2004 n = 236 2015 n = 315 Citric acid 194 315 Succinic acid 40 55 Aconitic acid 24 45 Fumaric acid 2 2 2-oxo-glutaric acid 1 2 * Levels of Krebs metabolites measured in mmol/mol creatinine.
Papaya consists of a number of organic acids in which the major organic acid is citric acid followed by qiunic acid, L-malic acid, tartaric acid, succinic acid, fumaric acid and ethanedioic acid.
Myriant is also targeting acrylic acid, as well as lactic acid, muconic acid, and fumaric acid.
Preservatives: Calcium propionate, fumaric acid, phosphoric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium propionate
Topics addressed include: sustainable biorefineries, biomass logistics, ethanol from bacteria and yeasts, isobutanol, lactic acid, fumaric acid biosynthesis and accumulation, and recent advances for microbial production of xylitol.
To remedy that, the team tested adding sodium benzoate, fumaric acid, and horseradish extract, which is known to have antifungal properties.
Different treatment modalities like cryotherapy, scarification, topical and systemic steroids, antimalarials, chlorambucil, ciclosporin, dapsone, etretinate, fumaric acid esters, isotretinoin, niacinamide, pentoxifylline, photo(chemo)therapy, potassium iodide, zileuton (a 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor), vitamin E have been tried with variable responses.
Fumaric aciduria is a rare autosomal recessive metabolic disease which is characterized with excessive fumaric acid exretion in urine.
The new formulation contains 25 mM of fumaric acid, 5 mM of benzoic acid, 70 mM of acetic acid and 342 mM of 2% sodium chloride, with a pH of 3.
It worked, and although his theory was never proven, fumaric acid showed its effectiveness to treat psoriasis in clinical trials and was approved in 1994 in Germany to treat the disease (Fumaderm[R], fumaric acid esters, Fumapharm AG).
Other treatment modalities that have been tried include photochemotherapy, methotrexate, topical calcipotriol, keratolytics, cyclosporine, azathioprine, fumaric acid esters, extracorporeal photochemotherapy and tumor necrosis factor alpha antagonists i.