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Synonyms for fulsomeness

excessive but superficial compliments given with affected charm


Related Words

smug self-serving earnestness

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Between Fulsomeness and Pettifoggery: A Reply to Sumner.
Frozen Jesters, 2011, with its twisting ribbons of parallel lines of various colors and white, achieves a sort of pointillist-by-other-means evenness of tone despite what could easily have been its fulsomeness of color.
But behind the fulsomeness and platitudes, the mind could prove stubbornly resistant to throwing off its stockade habits, just as a caged bird happily flutters its wings when the door is opened only to feel a bizarre and apparently impossible vertigo.
Although some of these letters have been published previously (particularly in Norman Sherry's biography of Greene), they benefit from being contextualized by other correspondence, and Richard Greene's annotations offer mostly informed judgments, despite an occasional fulsomeness.
With its narrative 'hard-copy' so pruned of specialist or data content, a measure of fulsomeness and innovation might have been expected of the volume's accompanying CD, but this is not the case.
our lesson, to be sufficiently aware of the fulsomeness of life.
Rossetti lacks the sensitivity of Keats, the intellectual and narrative prodigality of Byron, the stylistic energy, fulsomeness, and bawdy humour of Swinburne, or the psychological tension and descriptive intensity of Virginia Woolf.