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in an unctuous manner

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REXMAKIN, celebrated for his anti-socialist views, fulsomely praises Jane Kennedy for her warrior-like attributes in 'slaying the dragon of the unholy trinity of Byrne, Mulhearn and Hatton' (ECHO August 21).
Jinnah had gone to receive him with Gokhale and he referred fulsomely to Gandhi.
It has been variously described as "the system by which companies are directed and controlled" (14) or more fulsomely as "the set of processes, customs, policies, laws, and institutions affecting the way a corporation is directed, administered, or controlled.
Mothering in the white suburbs" (Berold 2003: 14), has remained alert to different kinds of poetry, Metelerkamp praises quite fulsomely Mongane Serote's lengthy, 'un-suburban' Third World Express: ".
At least once Fronto thanks Marcus fulsomely for more than one letter a day, confessing 'he would like to kiss the prince' in terms reminiscent of a lover to his mistress: Quid est mihi osculo tuo suavius?
Abortion does not seem to top his agenda, nor does he wax fulsomely about the glories of the family as the domestic church.
It also has an indirect connection to the Sidney family, being dedicated fulsomely to Essex's sisters Penelope Rich--Philip Sidney's 'Stella'--and Dorothy, countess of Northumberland.
To be clear: they cure none of the constitutional diseases that afflicted the former regime; they are in consequence as fulsomely violative of the most basic norms of Rule of Law governance--namely, rule governance, transparency, and the separation of powers--as was the regime they amend; they too render the act of judicial appointment an act of Executive tyranny, of unbridled power plain and simple; and every bit as much as did the former protocol, they too taint root and limb the constitutional legitimacy and moral standing of the judicial branch.
When I went down to the lobby to look for a newspaper I was greeted fulsomely by the hotel manager.
Up to this point I have praised this book, I hope, fulsomely.
Moreover, within the broad acreage of a book, there is greater opportunity to develop arguments and provide contexts more fulsomely, support a thesis more cogently, display a deeper nuance with the topic, and explore contrary analyses.
Raymond Jones' passing in 1991, fulsomely emphasized this point, stressing that, 'It is rare that so many have benefited from the political ingenuity, the commitment to service, and the vision of one man.