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Synonyms for fulmination

a long, violent, or blustering speech, usually of censure or denunciation

a violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves

Synonyms for fulmination

thunderous verbal attack

the act of exploding with noise and violence

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The Congress general secretary's fulmination against " paratroopers" landing just before elections ignores the fact that the party high command has been appointing paratrooper chief ministers with little respect for the cadres' choice -- N Kiran Kumar Reddy in Andhra Pradesh and Vijay Bahuguna in Uttarakhand being cases in point.
The point: Fulmination is not a substitute for policy, and a multilateral international agreement achieves far more protection than finger-wagging.
For all the fulmination in the British right-wing press about the country being overrun by immigrants from poorer EU countries, public support for EU membership in Britain is higher than it has been since 1991.
New Delhi -- The scion of Pakistan's first political family, 26-year old Bilwal Bhutto Zardari's fulmination over Kashmir have enlivened memories of his grandfather Zulfiqar Bhutto, who had committed to eat grass and fight a war of thousand years to liberate Kashmir, Indian media reported analysis on Sunday.
Does anyone recall the outrage and fulmination that accompanied President George W.
This is not a time for fulmination, but rather, for sobriety and care, as much as is possible," Lapid said at a meeting with Yesh Atid lawmakers.
The Munsters/Addams Family reference comes to mind inside the house where Irene Brown's Fulmination will stop you in your tracks as you enter Lord Armstrong's study.
The power of its fulmination is probably from this, that particles of gold are released by sulphur from the bonds of salt, its contrary, expedited by means of fire and as if broken free from prison to the point of vehemently leaping apart into the air with a loud report, in the same way as sulphur and nitre in that vulgar fulminating powder, detained by the fixed salt of tartar, then released by the heat of fire with no little explosion, dissipates in the winds.
The French and Indian War: A Complete Chronology" tells of the fulmination of centuries of British and French conflict.
In each of these cases, the criticism, the sarcasm, the fulmination may be an expression of frustration, a critique, anger, helplessness, etc.
The journalist, who had been asked to comment on differences between the two Koreas, triggered the fulmination by replying that South Koreans are allowed to criticize their leader.
These days, oil price hikes provoke outrage at the gasoline pumps from American consumers and fulmination about OPEC from the U.
After the fulminations over Cumbrian mass murderer Derrick Bird, the hand-wringing psychoanalysis brigade moved their attention to the wicked deeds of an ex-night club bouncer who had also flipped.
And what should I make of those sanctimonious fulminations of some of the usual suspects from amongst our celebrity analysts who also echoed the words of the chief minister?
lobby and the dreadful racism and fulminations of pro-Israeli