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When in opposition PJD legislators had said the development of a fully-fledged Islamic finance system in Morocco would add 2 percentage points to annual GDP growth.
We have plans to make this representative office into a fully-fledged Islamic bank in Indonesia.
After two years, probationers will become fully-fledged police constables.
This trend is due to economic expediency: developing such programs is incomparably cheaper and easier than creating fully-fledged network worms, while the same Trojan can be easily hidden from the watchful eye of anti-virus programs by using a multitude of different compression utilities.
fundamentally interpretative artists realizing the imaginative flights of their betters) than fully-fledged creators.
The stunning car, based on the Pikes Peak concept, is a five-door, seven-seater which doubles as a fully-fledged off-roader and a high-performance sports saloon but you'll have to wait until 2006 before it hits the showrooms.
NTT Data's Air Messenger Java client should be available as part of fully-fledged push services at stadiums, concerts, and other large-crowd venues later in 2003.
Trading officially got under way on 1 September in this microscopic southeast African nation of just 17,000 square kilometres when the 10-year-old stock market was transformed into a fully-fledged stock exchange.
0, a web browser whose email, instant messaging, chat and "virtual community" features qualify it as a fully-fledged internet desktop - or so the company claims.
Dream: By now the fully-fledged bearer of the flame for the future of the Kennedy clan, John F Kennedy Jnr cuts a dashing image with his sister Caroline (above) in May 1997 and earlier, with his mother Jackie Onassis in April 1986.
This increase marks a milestone in the process of restructuring ENDESA's subsidiary's economic/financial position, as it will not only mean a significant improvement in its results but it is also a fully-fledged tariff revision which should herald a new tariff framework.
Birmingham is now a fully-fledged foodie city with world-beating cuisine from around the globe and gourmet restaurants in abundance, writes JAYNE HOWARTH Once upon a time, Birmingham was considered to be a city with no culinary pedigree.
Whereas some are opening Windows, others have opted to form fully-fledged companies," said Kenya Re Managing Director Jadiah Mwarania.
In the future the EU will continue to promote and boost trading and investment relations with Tajikistan and ensure its fully-fledged integration into the multilateral trade system.
What we need in the UK is a fully-fledged British investment bank designed to suit the particular circumstances of our economy.