fully fledged

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(of a bird) having reached full development with fully grown adult plumage


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(of persons, e.g.) having gained full status

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This could result in Cardiff Airport either being a fully fledged hub, or, if not that, one that would supplement London as something less, with Schipol possibly being the main hub for air travel alone out of South Wales as it now is.
We want to make it a fully fledged visitor attraction - a permanent home for what is a terrific collection.
Madison Holdings Jordan announced today the extension of its network into the Kuwaiti market via Madison Kuwait, a Kuwait City based, fully fledged advertising agency that will be headed by well respected and recognized Managing Director Munjed Al Sharif.
It's just when I asked him: "When did the relationship between you and Diana become a fully fledged love affair?
It is expected the air corps will still use the base even if it becomes a fully fledged public airport.
To describe the fully fledged artist, Jacobs invokes the term virtuosa, the feminine of virtuoso, a variant of virtu.
However, a fully fledged recovery for Thailand and other Asian countries hit by the current economic crisis might only be possible around the year 2000, said Mr Takatoshi Ito, an adviser to the Japan Export-Import Bank.
Although not a fully fledged Thatcherite, I admired our first woman prime minister for her honesty during the election campaign in 1979.
The L-Online service providing 100GB of personal data storage combines a full-fledged web based secure FTP service with email, calendar, cell phone messaging notification and fully fledged next-generation remote desktop and customizable remote administration features with interactive and fully customizable management panes for individualization of the service's functionality per user's specific needs and requirements.
Although the Corporation has been handling ReTakaful business over the years, the company was faced with the important decision of whether to become fully Shari'ah-compliant through the establishment of a Window or open an independent fully fledged company.
Summary: BRUSSELS - A collapse in household spending, exports and manufacturing sucked the life out of the eurozone's economy in the final months of 2011, the EU said on Tuesday, showing the scope of the downturn that looks set to become a fully fledged recession.
Two black labradors, including the force's youngest ever canine recruit, have joined its drugs dogs team after passing specialist training to become fully fledged passive drugs dogs.
A GOLF club will be hosting a barbecue with a fully fledged jazz orchestra as part of the Kenilworth Festival.
I SEE Prince William, fresh from his cameo role as a fully fledged pilot fighter in the RAF, has now acquired a new action man status, this time with the Royal Navy.
Keiron Arndell, 17, from Cardiff, sailed through the eight-week intensive course at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall, to become a fully fledged sailor.
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