fully fashioned

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knitted to fit the shape of the body

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In summary, Philip had the air of a man who thinks he has the raw material for another Champion Hurdle winner but knows there is much refinement to be done before the finished article is fully fashioned.
Seamless were one coupon per pair, but seamed and fully fashioned were three coupons each.
comes fully fashioned out of God's hand, but has to be carried out
His domestic positions are not as fully fashioned, but he'd repeal Bush's tax cuts and revisit the so-called Patriot Act.
All gone the way of Kunzle Cakes, sweet tobacco and Bear Brand Fully Fashioned stockings.
Particularly interesting yarns can be made by blending the cotton with acrylic, polyester and polypropylene fibers for towels, woven surgical fabric, underwear, fully fashioned knitwear and sports and leisure wear.
We dealt with this variation by enlisting the help of our industry informants, who worked with us to reduce the 37 categories to seven: (1) handknitters making traditional knitwear, (2) handknitters making designer knitwear, (3) handframe knitters making traditional knitwear, (4) handframe knitters making designer knitwear, (5) upmarket fully fashioned knitwear companies, (6) fully fashioned and cut-and-sew specialists in middle market niches, and (7) mass-market contract knitters.
Cashmere Sweaters 100% pure cashmere Softest 2-ply V-neck style in 18 colors Finest Mongolian cashmere Fully fashioned shoulders Ribbed cuffs and bonded bottoms Cashmere Blazers 100% pure cashmere Soft shoulders Fully lined Available in 2 or 3 button 7 colors Cashmere Bomber Jacket 100% pure cashmere Diamond quilted lining Button front closure w/zipper Available in 3 colors Cashmere Top Coats 100% pure cashmere Extraordinary detail Finely tailored Classic 3 button styling Extra pockets Available in 4 colors Cashmere Scarves 100% pure cashmere 6 Solid Colors Ultimate in luxury and warmth Wool/Cashmere Suits 6 Colors 2 button center vent jacket Pleated front trousers
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