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Synonyms for awake

not sleeping


awake to


  • alert to
  • aware of
  • on the lookout for
  • alive to
  • attentive to
  • on the alert for
  • observant of
  • watchful of
  • on guard to
  • on your toes to
  • heedful of
  • vigilant of

Synonyms for awake

to cease sleeping

to induce or elicit (a reaction or emotion)

not in a state of sleep

marked by comprehension, cognizance, and perception

Synonyms for awake

not in a state of sleep

mentally perceptive and responsive

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21 Do you always make sure your partner is fully aroused before continuing with sex?
The 47-year-old nursery nurse's suspicions were fully aroused when he asked if she could pay pounds 10.
If you're fully aroused but still suffering pain regularly then there could be an underlying problem.
The star transmitted explicit messages about deviant sexual practices and sordid images of himself fully aroused and pleasuring himself.
Women need more sexual stimulation to be fully aroused so it can be difficult to imagine why your girlfriend's so keen.
The man should always be aware of the needs of his partner and penetrate deeply only when she is fully aroused.
When she's ready to try again, don't rush sex and be tender, making sure she's fully aroused.
a woman is fully aroused, the vaginal walls begin to lubricate and the shape of the vagina changes.