fuller's earth

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an absorbent soil resembling clay

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Mix Fuller's earth with milk and rose water and apply until it dries.
Bentonite, Fuller's earth, China clay and Zeolite for removal of COD and BOD from textile wastewater.
Perhaps they, too, have disappeared, along with the school dentist and the nit nurse, Carter's little liver pills, Epsom salts and Fuller's earth
Lines covered in the deal include salts, sulphur (except sublimed, precipitated and colloidal sulphur), natural graphite, quartz, silica and quartz sands, kaolin or other kaolinitic clays, bentonite, decolourising earths and Fuller's earth, fire-clay, andalusite, mullite, chamotte, microdol, natural calcium phosphates, natural barium sulphate, natural barium carbonate, gypsum, white asbestos, talc, natural arsenite, strontianite (not stronitium oxide), natural cryolite and chiolite, fluorspar, vermiculite, perlite and chlorites (unexpanded), and others.
Therefore, along with arsenic, digitalis, methanol, and sarin, one will find A-649, water boatman, paper, Worcestershire sauce, and Fuller's earth.
Fuller's earth, urine and wood ashes or lye were employed in fulling mills or pandys that were in regular use until the end of the Middle Ages.
A home-made mask from Fuller's earth and witch hazel is a brilliant remedy for excess oil.
A typical fuller's earth sample comprises quartz (17%), opal-CT (59%), smectite (24%), and mica (<1%).
Soften tar, grease and oil stains by applying a poultice made from fuller's earth or sawdust soaked in paraffin or a grease solvent.
The cat litter you need is Fuller's Earth - the bag must be marked "100 per cent natural clay".
Magnesium carbonate, Fuller's Earth and calamine powders are ideal.
In the UK the name fuller's earth is given to calcium bentonite (and in the USA, attapulgite).
The worst one was when we made our own face masks and Tina used flour because she couldn't get any fuller's earth.
It was treated with fuller's earth to extract the grease and thickened by beating it with water-powered hammers at his mill on the Avon.
Once a week, make up a mask of two tablespoons calamine lotion and one to two teaspoons of Fuller's Earth powder, available from health food shops.