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an absorbent soil resembling clay

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Due to abundance of clay minerals and adsorptive properties fuller's earth is used as an adsorbent in cooking oil industry [1].
Indian royalty used Fuller's earth and ground gram mixed with herbs, sandal paste and essential oils.
1992), Bentonite (Asselman and Garneir, 2000), Fuller's earth (Bajpai, and Vishwakarma, 2000), Zeolite (Gao, Cadena, and Peter, 1991), Dolomite (Dziubek and Kowal, 1989) and Hematite (Roques, Nugroho-Jeudy, and Lebugle, 1991) have been reported for removal of various types of contaminations from wastewater.
Scouring: Washing the cloth or yarn with Fuller's earth or other chemicals to remove oil, natural grease and dirt.
Prior to processing, SF Bay sediment was stored in lidded glass jars (250 ml) at -20 [degrees]C, and Fuller's earth was stored dry as packaged by the supplier.
fuller's earth, a smectitic clay), silversmith's chalk (creta argentaria, i.
The conveyors can move materials as diverse as cement, sand, fuller's earth, talc, caustic flakes, herbicides, fiberglass, PVC pellets, yeast granules, grain and nuts--including products requiring sanitary handling.
Perhaps they, too, have disappeared, along with the school dentist and the nit nurse, Carter's little liver pills, Epsom salts and Fuller's earth
Lines covered in the deal include salts, sulphur (except sublimed, precipitated and colloidal sulphur), natural graphite, quartz, silica and quartz sands, kaolin or other kaolinitic clays, bentonite, decolourising earths and Fuller's earth, fire-clay, andalusite, mullite, chamotte, microdol, natural calcium phosphates, natural barium sulphate, natural barium carbonate, gypsum, white asbestos, talc, natural arsenite, strontianite (not stronitium oxide), natural cryolite and chiolite, fluorspar, vermiculite, perlite and chlorites (unexpanded), and others.
Therefore, along with arsenic, digitalis, methanol, and sarin, one will find A-649, water boatman, paper, Worcestershire sauce, and Fuller's earth.
The three I have found most useful are peat moss, compost and Fuller's earth.
A home-made mask from Fuller's earth and witch hazel is a brilliant remedy for excess oil.
Soften tar, grease and oil stains by applying a poultice made from fuller's earth or sawdust soaked in paraffin or a grease solvent.
The cat litter you need is Fuller's Earth - the bag must be marked "100 per cent natural clay".
Magnesium carbonate, Fuller's Earth and calamine powders are ideal.