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descent from parents both of one pure breed

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Fullblood males average 72 pounds at birth, and females 68 pounds.
Boer goats, bred for meat, can be costly with percentage does usually starting at $100 and purebred and fullblood does starting at $400 and climbing from there.
I cashed in my civilian retirement and bought our first fullblood Boer buck for $5,000.
This same time last year, weaning age fullblood Boer goat kids were going for roughly $14,500 for bucklings, and $17,500 for doelings.
The average price for weaned fullblood Boer kids is now $4,000 for bucklings, and $4,500-$6,000 for doelings -- a considerable drop in twelve months' time.
Also, there are many fullblood Boer goats that are not quality breeding stock, which were sold to make a fast profit, and are now realized to be faulty in some characteristic.
Some fullblood Boer goats are being sold as "purebreds," which does not mean they are registered with the American Boer Goat Association.
Some fullblood Boers are solid white or red, but the white with dark head is considered more acceptable.
Since the arrival of Rex, a fullblood yearling Boer buck weighing 160 pounds in late August, and the addition of 60 Spanish (meat) does from Central Texas in September, our goat herd now totals about 120, including about 25 Nubians.
Average prices of fullblood Boers vary considerably, as buyers don't seem to mind what each goat's individual strengths and weaknesses are.
Since most breeding age Boer bucks start at $35,000, and just-weaned four-month-old kids are $10,000-$15,000, it will be many years before dairy owners can feasibly consider purchasing a fullblood.
Schlabach's have come a long way with the Norway Farms since that first fullblood heifer calf from a frozen embryo.
The Johlens toured the UK at the end of 2006, looking specifically for polled Salers, and eventually selected in-calf heifers from the two North farms as both of these herds have polled Salers that are 100% fullblood French origin.
The heifers are in-calf to Rigel Richard Poll, a young polled bull bred using semen from a new fullblood polled bloodline imported from the USA.