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(football) the running back who plays the fullback position on the offensive team

(American football) the position of a back on a football team

play the fullback

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Considering the Patriots' reluctance to using fullbacks and Develin's status as an undrafted free agent, Develin's easiest path to the 53-man roster may be via special teams.
One of the biggest Fullbacks in the NFL, Ovie is known for being a power blocker, for being able to pick up blitzes, and has one of the best special team minds in the game.
I was looking at the NFL draft before the season, and I was one of the top fullbacks before I got hurt.
We've had three fullbacks go down and Tanner never played it in his life, but he came up big with three TDs.
We merely incorporated our fullback into the scheme of things.
He justified his selection by saying he wanted to see whether O'Driscoll could provide him with the option of not needing two specialist fullbacks in his 22-man Test squad.
And it's also the message Jenkins has handed to Bowring personally as he tries to convince the Wales coach that he is not cut out to be an international fullback.
Cardinal Mooney's James Buchanan, considered by some high school scouting bureaus as one of the top fullback prospects in the country, has verbally accepted a football scholarship from Florida State University.
USC linebacker Thomas Williams is used to playing three positions in the Trojans' defense, but he added a fourth last weekend when he played fullback on tailback Chauncey Washington's game-winning touchdown against Arizona State.
Fullbacks Mike Brittingham and Jody Adewale played well enough in practice this week that USC might not need to utilize an extra tight end in its offense in lieu of a fullback.
The tailbacks and fullbacks should work on pass protection.
That leaves former walk-on Mike Brittingham and Jody Adewale as the remaining fullbacks.
The Power I fullbacks are often starting offensive linemen.
7-second 40-meter dash time is below average for a collegiate tailback but above average for fullbacks.
Although Bush was showcased, receivers Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett each caught seven passes, and the fullbacks and tight ends combined for one catch.