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Antonyms for full-time

for the entire time appropriate to an activity

for the standard number of hours

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I had to do it for my own rugby and to see what it was like as a full-timer.
And, fortunately for SoundLogic, he didn't want to be a full-timer any more.
At their next meeting, the board will examine the costs and benefits of eliminating the part-time officers and replacing them with a full-timer.
A full-timer who worked for the company - for example Tuesday through to Saturday - would be in the same position as Mr McMenemy.
Hall is an experienced campaigner and was once a full-timer who spent five seasons at Sixways after moving from his home-town club, Gloucester.
So instead of gaining about pounds 60 a week as a full-timer he is now out of pocket - by pounds 1,000 a year.
Mix-Lawton had worked as a bus driver for more than a year, but as a full-timer only since September.
These volunteers not only go through the same basic 10 months of training as a full-time officer, but they must also meet the same standards before earning the same powers and duties as a full-timer.
The arrangements usually are proposed when a full-timer wants to cut back.
AS a part-timer you have the legal right to be treated the same as a full-timer doing a similar job.
Bailie, 16 years at the club, dismissed notions of resentment at the signing of full-timer Paul Dalglish at a time when other Linfield players agreed to take a cut in wages.
And the 52-year-old, who once completed a Charles Atlas body-building course before becoming a full-timer on the European circuit, gave the credit to a new putting style.
The agenda of the session includes eight articles on top of them the bill to turn Information Ministry part-timers to full-timers.
They are demanding that all of the approximately 1,600 contract workers be made full-timers.