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Antonyms for full-time

for the entire time appropriate to an activity

for the standard number of hours

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The full-timers do their weights in the mornings at the club before they go off coaching, but I do mine away from the club at a gym local to me in Lichfield.
And, make sure that there is an experienced full-timer in place for quality control.
Someone should do a study comparing the number of grade appeals against part-timers versus full-timers.
I had to do it for my own rugby and to see what it was like as a full-timer.
And, fortunately for SoundLogic, he didn't want to be a full-timer any more.
Since 1970, the NYEBP has grown to serve more than 13,000 staffers in local YMCAs of all sizes - from Ys with thousands of employees to those with one full-timer.
Then I have to have a full-timer come in, and for the four hours of overtime, I could have covered the full eight-hour shift," Chief Haapakoski said.
Russell has been in ne form this season and I can see the superior tness of the full-timer making it a long day for the Fifers' defenders.
If Anne receives pay for the Bank Holidays she is contracted to work and the company has to pay Margaret for 50% of the Bank Holidays as well, the total cost of the Bank Holiday pay for both women would exceed the cost of employing a full-timer.
You will drown in your own resentment even though, in rational moments, you'll know you did yourself in because as a full-timer you raised their performance expectations dangerously high.
Hall is an experienced campaigner and was once a full-timer who spent five seasons at Sixways after moving from his home-town club, Gloucester.
So instead of gaining about pounds 60 a week as a full-timer he is now out of pocket - by pounds 1,000 a year.
Mix-Lawton had worked as a bus driver for more than a year, but as a full-timer only since September.
These volunteers not only go through the same basic 10 months of training as a full-time officer, but they must also meet the same standards before earning the same powers and duties as a full-timer.