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Antonyms for full-time

for the entire time appropriate to an activity

for the standard number of hours

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For male full-time workers, the average wage dropped 0.
Partly as a result of its low percentage of full-time faculty, the UO also has a higher ratio of full-time students to full-time faculty than all but two of the peer institutions.
For the next 30 units, increase the fee to, say, $50 per unit -- a full-time rate of $1,500 per year.
will provide the company a grant of up to $35,000 to train Indiana resident employees, up to $220,000 of tax credits based on new full-time jobs and up to $350,000 of tax credits for qualified investment in the project.
3) Reserve officers differ from full-time officers because they are not in a career-development role.
The following research questions were posed to a sample from a 2003 cohort of full-time, first time freshmen attending a mid-sized, public doctoral research extensive university:
In other states there are one or more full-time people, while in still other states there is one person identified, but that person is only a guidance and counseling supervisor part of the time because of other duties assigned.
6 cases per 100 full-time workers in manufacturing.
Approximately 8 percent of adult natives who work full-time are high school dropouts, but they make up approximately 26 percent "of full-time native workers living in poverty.
Often an employer conducts enrollment and provides eligibility data to the administrator, relying on the administrator to monitor ongoing qualifications such as full-time student status and coordination of benefits.
But the church has not been able to support a full-time priest since 2003 and shares ministry with the United church, she said.
How does a Baptist preacher manage to work a full-time job and pastor a church at the same time?
Temporary and part-time student employees with SDDC offer additional skills and talents to the many missions the command performs with the possibility of being converted to a full-time Federal employee after graduation.
approximately half of graduates of full-time ECE programs (who enter college straight from high school) work in child care 2 years after graduating and about 40% 5 years after graduating.
You can teach full-time with a master's degree and a CPA certificate at many community colleges throughout our great country.