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Synonyms for full-strength

not diluted or mixed with other substances

Synonyms for full-strength

without water


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The EFL investigated Huddersfield's team selection but was unable to take any action because there are no guidelines on how to define what a full-strength team is.
We have a few niggles but nothing serious so we'll more or less be at full-strength and we'll have to be if we are to secure a victory in the compact surroundings of United Park.
However, on Sunday we are at virtually full-strength and we will go to Suffolk believing that, if we perform, we can win.
However, aspirin's anti-clotting properties can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, as well as bleeding in the brain, and this risk is higher with full-strength "adult" aspirin (325 milligrams).
And, despite Leinster's decision to bring a full-strength squad to Rodney Parade tonight, he is hopeful the Gwent region could, with a little help from their fans, end the season on a high.
Colorado lawmakers rejected a bill last week that would have allowed supermarkets and convenience stores to sell full-strength beer, according to a report in Progressive Grocer.
On her own label -- and as her own producer -- ``Pretty Little Head'' is full-strength, unfiltered McKay.
Sharp, meanwhile, says he has a full-strength squad to select from, with former St Helens forward Stuart Jones expected to return after sitting out both Easter fixtures with a minor knee injury.
Carmarthen will be without hamstring victim Nathan Cotterall, otherwise they will be at full-strength.
Woodward said: "The Barbarians game would be a wonderful fixture if we could play with our full-strength team like Wales did in midweek.
4 mm shorter than those in males incubated in the full-strength mix of pesticides.
PThe club's stalwart defender marked his 12-year association at the Baggies with a high-profile friendly against a full-strength Newcastle United side.
A color selection guide for silicone contains color chips of 24 single-pigment base colors or masstones, each shown full-strength and as a 10% letdown in a white silicone dispersion and 12" standard color blends comprised of two or more masstone colors.
Following the adjustment period, the animals in the treatment groups of both species were presented either with the undiluted leachate, full-strength concentration (100%), or with one of five other concentrations: 75%, 50%, 25%, 10%, or 0% (controls) of full-strength.