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Synonyms for full-strength

not diluted or mixed with other substances

Synonyms for full-strength

without water


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We have a few niggles but nothing serious so we'll more or less be at full-strength and we'll have to be if we are to secure a victory in the compact surroundings of United Park.
However, on Sunday we are at virtually full-strength and we will go to Suffolk believing that, if we perform, we can win.
Leinster have announced a full-strength squad who will be on a high following last weekend," he said.
From 50 dph to 200 dph, the only remaining effluent treatment group was the full-strength effluent (100 [+ or -] 0%).
Sharp, meanwhile, says he has a full-strength squad to select from, with former St Helens forward Stuart Jones expected to return after sitting out both Easter fixtures with a minor knee injury.
Carmarthen will be without hamstring victim Nathan Cotterall, otherwise they will be at full-strength.
Woodward said: "The Barbarians game would be a wonderful fixture if we could play with our full-strength team like Wales did in midweek.
4 mm shorter than those in males incubated in the full-strength mix of pesticides.
PThe club's stalwart defender marked his 12-year association at the Baggies with a high-profile friendly against a full-strength Newcastle United side.
A color selection guide for silicone contains color chips of 24 single-pigment base colors or masstones, each shown full-strength and as a 10% letdown in a white silicone dispersion and 12" standard color blends comprised of two or more masstone colors.
New Organization Brings Full-Strength RSA Products to Europe, Middle East
Lapin au Noilly: Smear a pair of small rabbits with a generous coating of full-strength mustard.
The Safety Net uses its second color, full-strength, for its logo, and uses screened black to make the letters in the logo stand out from the page.
Full-strength segment: these are customers that access the bulk of the premium services available and pay a relatively high monthly subscription package for the privilege.
MARK LYNCH has warned that a full-strength Derry team may not enjoy a better result against Mayo on Sunday.