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Synonyms for full-scale

Synonyms for full-scale

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The Government s revised CCS strategy will include a programme for realization of full-scale CCS projects in Norway.
Roger Mayweather leaped into the ring and incited a full-scale brawl near the end of the 10th round after Judah hit Floyd Mayweather low in the groin and then cold-cocked him with a rabbit punch behind the head as he was hunched over in pain.
In tests funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, the researchers constructed a full-scale mockup of a portion of an aircraft passenger cabin and observed the effects of explosions under a passenger seat.
With an eye on the full-scale growth of the PLA film market, Toray plans to prepare itself for a series of production capacity upgrades both in Japan and abroad to expand the business and aims to achieve group sales of 25 billion yen in 2010.
The researchers found that children in exposure groups 1 (manganese lower than 200 [micro]g/L) and 4 (manganese higher than 1,000 [micro]g/L) differed significantly from one another for Verbal, Performance, and Full-Scale raw scores.
In a high-visibility program like NLOS, the magnitude of the overruns which began to materialize two years into the full-scale development program were simply too large to avoid the scrutiny of Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and high-level Pentagon officials.
This project will build directly on the substantial efforts of other research and development efforts in order to help bring tear-off shingle recycling technology to full-scale implementation," says Turley.
When computed, the discrepancy between Angela's Full-scale IQ score and her standardised literacy score, derived from the reading comprehension, word recognition and spelling sub-tests of the WORD was not large enough for her to receive additional support from the literacy specialists employed by the ELB.
Given his indifferent painterly technique and underdeveloped emotional range, it is perhaps unsurprising that Rielly's images work better when small and clustered than translated into full-scale individual pictures.
The show) gives industry personnel an opportunity to also evaluate products and services to see how their solutions might fit and adapt to create a more efficient production process," Ceccarelli says: "To put this in better perspective, when a salesman calls on a potential customer, the customer will not have the working model, or full-scale product at the call, therefore this show gives the buyer a better opportunity to evaluate the many new products and services available to them.
NIST found that an emerging fire suppression technology based on air bag technology was the most effective suppressant type tested in the full-scale engine compartment scenario.
If successful, these programs could lead to full-scale manufacturing contracts.
To briefly recap, this land was supposed to be used as a badly needed full-scale intermodal freight center for New York City.
Since then, many enthusiasts have hammered together full-scale replicas of the Flyer, but no one has ever figured out the trick of getting them off the ground.
The company announced that it has reached an agreement in principle under which the company will pursue full-scale casino gaming opportunities in Alabama with a corporation which currently manages Class II gaming activities on Indian lands in Alabama.