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occupying an entire page in a book or paper

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One of the full-page ads was signed by 13 retired European politicians, led by former Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar, opposing the agreement and headlined, "World Needs A Better Deal.
Now, video is the newest form of interaction that brands can add to their full-page advertisements on Flipboard, in addition to existing options such as Brand Magazines, landing pages and shopping experiences.
New Jersey Stage is offering the ability to change full-page ads for the standard $100 rate.
ON THE PAGE: John Shepherd with the full-page advert he won by entering a competition with the Examiner at the Kirklees Business Conference
An easy first-person story of Ada's world is provided in a series of lovely full-page color drawings by Lin Wang and a scrapbook memoir format inviting kids to gather their own memories.
This presentation tantalizes with full-page reproductions of about 75 works produced between 2002 and 2005; but full pages in a book measuring 10.
2cm) gives appropriate scale to a series of mainly full-page photographs on the 104 pages, printed as four-colour black-and-white.
Enhanced with 150 full-page color and 10 black/white illustrations (including four "foldout" pages), Beatles Art is a unique tribute to the Beatles enduring popularity and influence--and a "must" for every dedicate Beatles fan
Each recipe offers a full-page facing page photo of the completed item, and each recipe teaches basic tricks of the candy-making trade, from tempering and using dry ice on molds to choosing a special type of chocolate to produce a polished finish, or using a leaf-shaped cookie cutter on jelly to make leaves.
A recent mutual fund scandal turned the microscope on a company called Pimco, prompting the company to take out a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal in February.
Another is that each issue is sponsored in the form of a full-page ad.
So in true David Brent style he has taken out a full-page advert in American showbiz bible Variety.
The records show that the Post charged Schnucks $2,772 for a full-page ad which ran Oct.
A full-page adhesive selector guide helps readers find the best adhesives for a given substrate.
will for the first time put up a full-page advertisement for a new product on its Web site from Monday, in association with Asahi Breweries Ltd.