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The contract comprises the supply and provision of appropriate services in respect of 885 breathing apparatus (including two full-face masks) and 2909 compressed air cylinders.
But Abdallah Zekri, an official of the French Muslim Council that represents most leading mosque associations in France, said the wearing of the full-face veil was "Salafist dogma.
The law banning full-face veils is a law in the interests of women and against those values having nothing to do with our traditions and values.
French officials estimate that only around 2,000 women, from a total Muslim population estimated at between 4 and 6 million, wear a niqab or a burqa, full-face veils.
A recent YouGov opinion poll found more than two thirds of voters in Britain want full-face veils banned.
A 200-page French parliamentary report published in January claimed that the full-face veil "is a challenge to our republic" and parliament adopted a resolution in May calling the full-face veil "an affront to the nation's values of dignity and equality.
Muslim veils are a sensitive political issue in France, with right-wing politicians calling for the burqa and full-face niqab to be banned in public places.
The centers will not only receive visa applications but also take fingerprints and full-face digital photos of the applicants," the Saudi Press Agency quoted the prince as saying.
Sequoia provides election technology, services and support to state and local government including precinct-based optical scan ballot readers, high-speed central count optical scan ballot readers, ballot layout and printing services, and full-face and paginating electronic voting equipment with optional printers that produce voter verifiable paper records.
AVIGNON, France: Paris police Monday arrested two veiled women and several other people protesting in front of Notre Dame Cathedral against France's new ban on wearing full-face veils in public.
Dating from the end of the 4th century, the full-face paintings depict three of Jesus' original 12 apostles-St.
He said: "We hope to make an announcement about a full-face operation in the next 12 months.
He turned round and saw a man wearing a full-face motorbike crash helmet who was pointing a black handgun at him.
At ages 51 and 49 respectively, we don't wear foundation ourselves, and we love being able to see more women have the option of forgoing full-face cover-up in exchange for healthier, more beautiful skin.
A 35-year-old man with a genetically deformed face became the recipient of a full-face transplant courtesy of French doctors, who claim it was the first such operation in history, French newspapers reported Thursday.