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(of a woman's body) having a large bosom and pleasing curves

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674); on another, the full-bosomed matron whose title as kore seems a flattering fiction (no.
Some women tell of being hawked at auctions outside of Belgrade, ordered to dance naked for prospective buyers who pay thousands of Euros for lithe, full-bosomed blondes.
When I was young, tattoos were male and tough and working class and they meant something: that you'd been in the navy, or in prison, or that you once loved Julie so much that you were prepared to emboss her name across your bicep beneath a picture of a full-bosomed mermaid.
Halfway up, reached by steel walkways and steps, are the remains of a mural depicting alluringly full-bosomed ladies of the Court.
Then, Dusty dressed like a Barbie doll in a full-bosomed, waist-tight, gingham dress, hair backcombed to the day before yesterday, swirling bouffant like a preserved Walnut Whip.