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Synonyms for full-bodied



Synonyms for full-bodied

marked by richness and fullness of flavor

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NOT too heavy, but this wine could do with being a little more full-bodied.
It provides a very smooth mouth feel and a full-bodied cocoa flavor,'' says Moley.
Oak aged and from Argentina, this is a soft, full-bodied wine with absolutely no hint of bitterness and lots of jammy flavour.
Dry/medium to full-bodied, most French white Burgundies - pate, cold meats, fowl and fish in sauce.
Full-bodied soups: Imagine Foods is expanding its aseptic soup offerings with two new organic varieties as well as two organic low-sodium broths.
Another full-bodied red - this one well-suited to barbecue food - is the Chilean Santa Carolina Antares Merlot 2000 (Sainsbury's, pounds 3.
A full-bodied and weighty claret with a fabulous deep crimson colour.
The wine is dry, with a full-bodied, rich varietal flavor and a clean, crisp finish.
Samuel Adams Honey Porter is a full-flavored, full-bodied English porter with a substantial roasted malt character, offering a smooth, rounded finish.
This rich, full-bodied Spanish red has a touch of vanilla.
A LITTLE light, not very full-bodied and slightly sharp, drinkable and went quite well with casserole and stews.
Said to be a "copper-colored ale with a full-bodied taste", it is brewed with a blend of two-row and crystal malts, and hopped with Cascades.
Our full-bodied winter beers are brewed to be robust and warming, a wonderful way to enjoy the cold evenings that come with this season.
PHOTO : CATAMOUNT CHRISTMAS ALE, a full-bodied winter warmer, is again being brewed by the Catamount Brewing Co.
Black Tiger (R) --Explore the dark side with this full-bodied earthy Coffee People favorite