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Retrieved February 12,2009, from Education Full Text database.
Retrieved May 11, 2003, from Library Literature & Information Science Full Text database.
Thunderstone has delivered comprehensive, high performance, full text database solutions that have kept pace with the substantial growth and increasing load on the ZDNet site," said Henry Goldstein, Director of Business Development for ZDNet.
These partnerships will cover the PsycINFO database on APA's search system; Emerald Full Text Database, Emerald Management Reviews and Emerald Abstracts; and IFIS Publishing's forthcoming implementation of FSTA(TM) direct from IFIS -- a database of 600,000 food science, food technology and food-related human nutrition abstracts offered directly from IFIS for the first time.
MicroPatent's US full text database has been expanded to include patents 1 - 3,551,908.
The Netpinions service from CyberAlert features a built-in text retrieval, knowledge management and data mining system, including special features that permit corporate clients to make notations, share retrieved information with colleagues, and apply their standard measurement and content analysis tools to the stored full text database.
Metro One's Database Software Division, a leader in high-performance, full text database search solutions, today announced a licensing agreement with infoUSA Inc.
The Resource/One Select Full Text database approximately 60 of the 140 publications referenced in the larger Resource/One Full Text database.
late-breaking full text database designed for online searchers who need
NASDAQ NM:OVID) announced today that it has shipped its first Clinical Information Product, the full text database Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR), to 100 institutional customers worldwide who placed orders prior to release.