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the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent

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The said provision provided that in case of vacancy, 'the Overall Deputy shall serve as Acting Ombudsman in a concurrent capacity until a new Ombudsman shall have been appointed for a full term.
The rate of increase in weight was gradual and steady except between 33 weeks to full term.
Tom Wheeler : I congratulateMike on his confirmation for a full term as Commissioner.
Studies have suggested that, on average, twins fair less well when the pregnancy is allowed to continue to full term.
A study involving 12,000 children found almost one in three born before 37 weeks has lower Key Stage 1 test results than their full term peers.
By any standard, Blanche Bruce, the first African American to serve a full term in the United States Senate, was a man who achieved great success.
Ferguson joined the board in 1997 and was reappointed in 2001 to a full term ending Jan.
To analyze LBW at full term, they studied a zip code cohort of 136,134 births, of which 2,778 were LBW.
After one full term as head of HHS, Thompson resigned, effective Feb.
The decision, of course, is one for the country but if elected I would serve a full term but I would not then stand for a fourth term,' he said.
Descriptive analyses were based on 50,461 women who gave birth to a live singleton infant at full term (37-42 weeks' gestation).
A 10-day-old boy, born full term via caesarean section and weighing 7 lb 11 oz, was discharged home with no complications.
Four detectable pregnancies resulted, but only one went full term.
You have to go all the way back to 1982 and John Lloyd to find the last Wales coach who served his full term.
They were compared with 16 children born full term who served as controls.