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the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent

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Although the woman is past menopause, Paulson said she was able to give birth because her uterus was healthy enough to carry the fetus to full term.
Come to think of it, power is not being transferred,'' Wilson added, referring to the fact that Clinton is the first Democrat since Franklin Roosevelt to be elected to a second full term as president.
Likewise, this has made it increasingly likely that President Toledo will serve out his full term.
Visclosky (D-IN) today introduced the Keep America's Promise to Steel Act, calling on the President to reinstate the tariffs for their full term and to prevent the dumping of foreign steel in America.
By the time they're adults, their risk of asthma is no greater than in babies who are born at full term.
For example, around week 35, a baby's brain is only two thirds the size of a full-term baby's brain, and his or her hearing is not fully developed until full term.
Marilyn Koschella, a former board chair with the Greater Nevada Credit Union, was appointed to a full term after previously being appointed in 2013 to fill a remaining one-year term.
The authors found that children born preterm (before 37 weeks of gestation) were about 46 percent more likely to develop asthma or a wheezing disorder during childhood, than babies at full term.
A gestation that is shorter or longer than full term can sometimes be less than ideal for the infant, and occasionally for the mother.
PREMATURE babies are at an educational disadvantage compared to those born at full term, new research has found.
The fixed-rate loans have a seven-year term, full term interest only, with 6.
There are three candidates for a full term in Swinford's seat: Republican Walter "Four" Price, Democrat Abel Bosquez and Libertarian James Hudspeth.
By any standard, Blanche Bruce, the first African American to serve a full term in the United States Senate, was a man who achieved great success.