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a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations

References in classic literature ?
With these words, and with a hasty gesture fraught with timid caution--such a gesture had Clennam's eyes been familiar with in the old time--poor Flora left herself at eighteen years of age, a long long way behind again; and came to a full stop at last.
Friend," said the other, exchanging his slow pace for a full stop, "having kept covenant by meeting thee here, it is my purpose now to return whence I came.
At length he tells all this story to his mother, and sets her upon me to get the main secret out of me, and she used her utmost skill with me indeed; but I put her to a full stop at once by telling her that the reason and mystery of the whole matter lay in herself, and that it was my respect to her that had made me conceal it; and that, in short, I could go no farther, and therefore conjured her not to insist upon it.
Lest Evelyn should next ask him what he believed, Arthur, after making a pause equivalent to a full stop, started a completely different topic.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], Dec 6 (ANI): Pakistan has offered conditional support to help to put a full stop to the cross-border attacks in Kabul by the militants using the Pakistani territory.
Should Doctor be shortened to Dr (without a full stop, or should it be written thus: Dr.
Your accommodation is somewhat of a problem, full stop.
If a car in front stops, the system automatically applies the brakes to bring the vehicle to a full stop.
The educational play written by Katarina Lazic and Stavria Thalassi and directed by Leila Saad, features the full stop, the comma, the exclamation mark, the colon, the dash and other punctuation marks as they step out of a book and meet on stage.
Chapters, paragraphs and sentences of varying sizes and relative lengths, as well as punctuation marks such as the comma, semicolon, en dash, colon, question mark, and full stop are some of the standardised means novelists use to manage their sentences on the surface of the page in creating the narrative impact they sought.
Contract notice: Regulatory service annual review full stop, maintenance and commissioning of the incineration lines 1 and 2 of the wwtp galindo (parada hornos 2016) .
With normal UK savings if the bank goes bust, the government-backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) gives you the first PS85,000 back, full stop.
Many drivers seem to ignore the full stop on red before making a right turn and they often also ignore the walk signs.
Anyone that has a problem with halal on the grounds of its method of slaughter or treatment needs to stop eating meat full stop if they currently consume meat.
Little Full Stop from the Land of Dot is lost and falls through space onto Earth, crash landing on the letter 'a'.