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a professor of the highest rank

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Having clearly stated the above, there are a few colleges and universities that embody parts and pieces of the beginnings of a tenured full professorship in African, dances and musics et al (including African acculturated experiences wherever they are found in the Americas, Europe, etc.
Fuller is a historian, philosopher, and sociologist of science who has held full professorships at the Universities of Durham and, most recently, Warwick.
That report found that many of the findings of the 1982 report continued to be the case in 2000, including the relatively small percentages of women and minorities who earn S&E degrees and who are employed in S&E, the concentration of women and minorities in specific fields, the higher rates of part-time employment and unemployment for women than for men, the lower salaries earned by women than by men, the lower salaries earned by minorities than by whites, and the lower percentages of women than of men in full professorships.
In fact, the home ec department was often the only division on campus that offered women full professorships and the chance to move into higher administrative posts.
In general, women held more staff positions (35% female) than full professorships (9%), and were concentrated in the "abgewickelte" departments such as social sciences (52.
Since 1970, when he joined the Penn faculty, he has held full professorships in three of Penn's schools: Arts and Sciences, where he has been professor of economics since 1976; the Wharton School, where he was professor of management,1980-92; and the Law School, where he became professor of law and economics in 1984.