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a professor of the highest rank

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I told Gene that my father, an associate professor of cardiology at the University of Milan, had every reason to expect to be promoted to a full professorship at a very young age.
Daly, who has published seven books but been denied full professorship at Boston College, has taught men separately since the late 1970s.
John McCollum, a professor of horticulture at the same school, was protected by tenure, but Jim McCollum notes that it took his father an unusually long time -- 15 years -- to win a full professorship.
His present primary affiliation is a full professorship at Hitotsubashi University in the Tokyo suburbs; he retains secondary affiliations with Minnesota, with the National Bureau of Economic Research and (unofficially) with various trans-Pacific airlines.
His extensive classroom experience has included a full professorship in pharmaceutical sciences and serving as director and assistant dean of assessment and faculty development and as chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at LECOM.
Though he just earned tenure, Palmer says that he's aggressively putting in the work to secure a full professorship in the future, even as he broadens his ambitious research agenda.
Morrell, who is currently on the faculty in the Urban Schooling Division of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), will assume a tenured full professorship at Teachers College and the directorship of IUME offices in September.
He became an assistant professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Toronto and was promoted to a full professorship in 1983.
So by 1983 I had shifted to the physics department, and the other three--all good teachers--had left, one for a full professorship at UCLA, another for a "tenured' job at Livermore labs, and another for a lucrative job at IBM.
Pitts holds a Masters in both Healthcare Administration and Public Administration, and full professorship on two university faculties.
from the University of Alberta in 1962 and was granted a full Professorship of Medicine in 1977.
He then held various research appointments, among others at the IFF-KFA-Jlich, Germany (1980-82), at the Universit della Calabria (1982-83), and at the Universit di Roma Tor Vergata (1984-1987), before being appointed to a full professorship in physics at the Politecnico di Milano in 2001.
In 1956, he went to Brooklyn College where he would become the first Black historian to assume full professorship at a traditionally White institution.
Thereafter, he joined Queen's University where he continues to hold a Full Professorship.
from MIT, his scientific career included: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, CERN European Center of High Energy Physics; full professorship at U.