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a professor of the highest rank

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At both universities, there are collaborations between and among departments; there are employees from full professorships to lecturers, jut not in dance and music.
They detail these sacrifices from their years as a graduate student through full professorship.
At the same time as he was working towards his full professorship, Carmelo Cunchillos, as the Head of the University College of La Rioja, played a leading role in the consolidation of the academic structure of the so-called La Rioja campus and in the foundation of the new University, which was a particularly challenging venture in the political and social context of those years.
Franklin became the first black historian to be appointed to a full professorship at a predominantly white institution, Brooklyn College, where his "diplomacy" as chair of the department won him high regard.
He was the first African American to assume a full professorship at a white institution and his scholarship provided essential ammunition to the Supreme Court as Brown v.
His academic career was crowned with the bestowal of an honorary doctorate from the National University of Ireland in 1925 and a full professorship in Berlin in 1927.
At the full professorship level, for example, women earn about 88 percent of what their male counterparts earn.
I had, out of the blue, received an offer of a full professorship at Chicago.
Bradley McLean was granted tenure and full professorship in New Testament language and literature, Knox College.
So was Vivian Stringer, the women's coach, who was also seeking a full professorship.
One left a full professorship for an alternative career.
Daly, who has published seven books but been denied full professorship at Boston College, has taught men separately since the late 1970s.
He ultimately emigrated to the United States, lured by a full professorship at George Washington University in Washington, D.
John McCollum, a professor of horticulture at the same school, was protected by tenure, but Jim McCollum notes that it took his father an unusually long time -- 15 years -- to win a full professorship.