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a professor of the highest rank

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While Rice's figure tops the Texas list at $159,500 per year, its average annual salary for a full professor comes in 21st in the country.
1 percent more likely than women to be full professors in 1994, though accounting for age and length of employment reduced this difference to 14.
Full professors in health professions and clinical sciences received 13 percent less than their peers, those in computer and information sciences received 12 percent less, and those in mathematics and statistics received 8 percent less.
Breaking those numbers down by rank, including full-time nine and twelve-month employees, shows there are 77 full professors, 65 associate professors, 63 assistant professors and 83 instructors.
Rogers and Kaplan are both full professors at the University of New England in Australia.
The salaries of full professors, who account for about 62 percent of faculty, now average nearly $72,000 annually.
Of the respondents who were assistant, associate, or full professors, 77 percent "did not believe their institutions would accept electronic publication as evidence of scholarly productivity" (p.
Faculty pay, which had ranged from $19,432 a year for instructors to $47,598 for full professors, will be increased by an average of 5 percent in the first year and 6.
The university currently has over 7,100 faculty and staff, with over 900 full professors and 1,200 associate professors, including 24 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 24 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
It's worse for full professors here, who earn 19 percent less than their peers.
Full professors averaged $63,473, associate professors $53,006, assistant professors $46,826, instructors $53,856, lecturers $45,367, and others $48,928 (including all faculty at schools without standard academic ranks).
Male full professors and associates were more likely than assistants to possess feminine characteristics.
As a general rule, the salary of the president does not exceed that of ordinary full professors by more than a factor of two to three, and the salaries of full professors, in turn.
On average, full professors make $65,000 for about 90 minutes of class time a day for the eight months a year that school is in session.