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a wrestling hold in which the holder puts both arms under the opponent's arms and exerts pressure on the back of the neck (illegal in amateur wrestling)

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Group left no stone unturned to topple the bull and finally they managed to do it, but at that time, a man, who keeping the bull's head came to full nelson when bull toppled down.
Wide ranging variety abound speaking of everything from the death of Lord Nelson to the complex theories of Albert Einstein, Paul Bussan's follow up to the acclaimed "A Rage of Intelligence", "On Freeing Myself from a Full Nelson Hold and other sonnets" is just as good as his first, offering variance for poetry lovers to chew on, crafting vivid imagery and lyrical goodness from page to page- which will grip the reader from the first and hold them there until the very last one.
If two more tenants can be found, Flake & Kelley will have pulled what many thought to be impossible: a full Nelson.
Since the full Nelson is, of course, illegal in high school and college wrestling, we can only come to grips with the four others.
Siki opened a nasty cut on the bridge of Verna's nose in the second round but could not gain a fall and, in the next round, Verna obtained the only fall of the bout with a submission from a full nelson and swing.
Jay and Dawn made waves with sailing trip' Caribbean hols float Jay's boat' Antiguan beaches are uncrowded' Explore Florence on cruise' Get full Nelson experience at English Harbour Dockyard museum
Sweet deep-end action with mutes over the hips, 5-0 and tailslide reverts and the full Nelson across the entire spanse of the seven-foot bowl.
skein "The Full Nelson," and who says he'd like to emulate Phil
Mick Fitzgerald and Nicky Henderson could be in a for a good day at Newton Abbot with Cupboard Lover and The Full Nelson.
Nelson, the thirty-something host of the FOX News Channel's fledgling Saturday night talk show The Full Nelson, wants to run for political office (he doesn't say which office, but the show's audience coordinator cheerfully told me that she believes Nelson will be president some day), and becoming a widely recognized TV personality is a key part of his plan.
His show, The Full Nelson, airing Saturdays at 11 P.
Mentally, I had myself in a full nelson, when they appeared at the car to remind me of my promise.
His research suggested that a full Nelson was a full entanglement of the arms with all the pressure on the ball of the shoulder, and also pressure on the back of the neck.
Full Nelson is a golden ale brewed with both pale and Munich malts and uses one hop variety, Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand.