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First in his East the glorious Lamp was seen, Regent of Day, and all th' Horizon round Invested with bright Rayes, jocond to run His Longitude through Heav'ns high rode: the gray Dawn, and the PLEIADES before him danc'd Shedding sweet influence: less bright the Moon, But opposite in leveld West was set His mirror, with full face borrowing her Light From him, for other light she needed none In that aspect, and still that distance keepes Till night, then in the East her turn she shines, Revolvd on Heav'ns great Axle, and her Reign With thousand lesser Lights dividual holds, With thousand thousand Starres, that then appeer'd Spangling the Hemisphere: then first adornd With thir bright Luminaries that Set and Rose, Glad Eevning & glad Morn crownd the fourth day.
He opened a locket and showed us the full face of a very lovely woman.
Tenders are invited for Full Face Gas Mask,Connection Type: Snap-In Cartridges Face Piece Type: Reusable Full Face Piece
An Egyptian lawmaker is calling on the Egyptian parliament to ban niqabs and burqas because she claims full face veils are not a requirement of Islam and actually hail from Jewish tradition.
France, Belgium and the Netherlands all ban wearing the full face veil in public.
I said OK, no problem, even though it was a full face helmet with clear visor.
DOCTORS in Spain are preparing to carry out the world's most complicated full face transplant.
CHICAGO -- The nation's first full face transplant patients are growing into their new appearances -- literally.
The poll found that three-quarters (76%) said they were unsure of how to relate to women wearing the full face veil.
HOSPITAL staff have been banned from wearing full face veils in Dewsbury.
Now certified as a TM3 approved product to EN12942, CleanSpace2 has a nominal protection factor of 2000, giving the user the same level of respiratory protection as a full face mask.
Summary: A year after receiving the first full face transplant in the US, Dallas Wiens has spoken at an emotional press conference.
The group demanded that mixed sex classes end and that female students wear the full face veil or niqab.
BOSTON: A US mother who was mauled by a frenzied chimp more than two years ago has been given a full face transplant, doctors said yesterday.
Travellers from the UAE were especially advised about laws in certain countries banning full face veils.
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