full employment

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the economic condition when everyone who wishes to work at the going wage rate for their type of labor is employed

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A person who is a genuine casual worker does not have a contract of employment and therefore does not have full employment rights.
Neutral" would be the fight posture for monetary policy if inflation were just where the Committee wanted it to be and the economy were operating at full employment.
It does mean the realisation of the full employment society is getting closer and closer.
l Full employment, with the UK embracing the challenges posed by the information technology revolution and knowledge-driven businesses;
If output is below the level consistent with full employment, the FOMC will lower or ease interest rates to stimulate spending of households and firms, encouraging firms to raise production and hire more workers.
But our aim is full employment in every community so we are setting out the next radical steps in our programme of reform.
We will not achieve and sustain full employment for the long term by failing to meet our inflation target.
WRI's 29 industrial clinics, which focus entirely on the assessment of a worker and the work therapy needed to return the worker to full employment, can give employers the assurance that they will receive high-quality services for their workers that can expedite the worker's return to work.
economy nears full employment, personnel turnover is costing companies billions of dollars a year.
FULL employment is within Scotland's grasp, Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton will say today.
The Government yesterday admitted meeting its full employment pledge in the North-East would be a "challenge" but said it would do its best to get 100,000 extra people into work by 2010.
Wales is close to reaching full employment according to First Minister Rhodri Morgan.
He added: "Employment will rise by 50,000 a year, but there will be constraints to growth as the economy will be in full employment.
Federal Reserve monetary policy would be marginally more predictable and transparent within its current mandate to achieve full employment and price stability.
Cash from a new pounds 3 billion fund for developing science and technology will be shared by the North East as part of the Government's drive for full employment announced by Gordon Brown today.