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Consistent with theoretical expectations, statistically significant, positive effects of the assignment rate on demand were found for laser trabeculoplasty, retinal photocoagulation, and fulguration of bladder tumor.
Biopsy and complete fulguration were carried out, with no need for a formal TUR.
Figure 21-1: Total Bladder Cancer Fulguration Electrode Market by Segment,
2] There are also some reports describing the endoscopic fulguration of the fistula.
In the first study entitled "Comparative Cost-Analysis of Essure Hysteroscopic Sterilization and Laparoscopic Bilateral Fulguration," researchers from the Mayo Clinic found cost-savings in the operating room when comparing the Essure procedure to tubal ligation.
Le traitement repose sur l'exerese chirurgicale large dont l'etendue depend de la localisation et du stade de la tumeur, sauf pour les rares cas de tumeurs superficielles (stade O ou A de Whitmore) qui peuvent beneficier d'un traitement endoscopique (resection transuretrale, fulguration, laser YAG…).
AMS), announced today that the Company has received FDA clearance for the Coaguloop(TM) Resection Electrode for resection, ablation, and fulguration in the bladder.
Ablation was either by fulguration with a Bugbee electrode (12 patients) or formal resection with a loop cautery (2 patients).
1] raises several issues related to interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS) that are noteworthy: IC/PBS is common, Hunner's ulcers are rare, but their presence should prompt biopsy and fulguration.
90) Tumour recurrences are often small, non-invasive, low-grade papillary tumours that can often be managed by office fulguration.
3,5,6) Though wide excision is a treatment of choice various other treatment options such as steroid, fulguration with either carbon dioxide or electrocautery has minimal to zero success.