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In our study, a temporary drainage procedure in the form of cutaneous vesicostomy is employed in 12 infants who present with renal failure, cystoscopic fulguration in 9 cases and cystoscopic fulguration + vesicostomy in 2 cases.
Rigid cystoscopy was performed first for clot evacuation and fulguration of any discrete bleeding vessels.
Residual valve obstruction that is urethral resistance <20 was seen in 22% of patients in follow up (12% after diversion with fulguration while 10% after primary valve fulguration).
The goal of the management of calyceal diverticular calculi is the complete removal of stone and dilation of the diverticular infundibulum, resulting in complete drainage (or diverticular fulguration without infundibular dilation).
v) Six cases (27%) were associated with transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the urinary bladder, of which 4 had nephrogenic adenoma (NA) lesions directly over or close to the site of previous fulguration.
I wanted an epigraph wank her till the bath and I was filled with coins she is the fulguration, the axis about whom endless birth of heart revolves He may smile at her benevolently and say good morning and mean it 'Before you shoot the dog' she breathed 'make sure you know its master' they rush in her veins and she clings to their scent her Mid range joys holding the tune imagination sighs nipple back and lick she in new brown shoes her safe return into her Paris flat close enough to bind on to the other free and blind to her obscurity he reaches over to take from her sitting up to remove parts of her consciousness all the various bits moving and the one who addresses her present.
Surgery was performed in 15 patients which included open pyeloplasty in 11 vesicostomy followed by posterior valve fulguration in 4 patients.
The difficulty of reaching the "paradisian" moment mentioned above resides in the fact that the connection to heaven once reached cannot be maintained for longer than a split second, in which time the mind receives only a fulguration of spiritual infinite plenitude.
Multiple treatment options are currently available including surgical excision dermabrasion electrodessication with curettage laser resurfacing chemical peeling cryotherapy and fulguration oral and topical retinoids.
Patients will return for cystoscopic examination of their bladder 90 days following the fulguration of these areas to assess for any cancer recurrence.
Fulguration, a process in which a cystoscope is inserted through the urethra, and Hunner's ulcers (star-shaped lesions found on the bladder walls of some people with IC) are coagulated with electricity or a laser.
3,5,6) Though wide excision is a treatment of choice various other treatment options such as steroid, fulguration with either carbon dioxide or electrocautery has minimal to zero success.
Hyperthermia is a thermotherapeutical method used for fulguration of cancerous cells by artificially increasing temperatures due to electromagnetic field exposure [15-19].
Auch das Bild der Sonnenstrahlen ist von Bedeutung, deckt es sich doch mit jener Fulguration in der Monadologie.