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Synonyms for fulfilment

Synonyms for fulfilment

a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires


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the act of consummating something (a desire or promise etc)

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Dimmesdale, when, in fulfilment of this pledge, he requested old Roger Chillingworth's professional advice, "I could be well content that my labours, and my sorrows, and my sins, and my pains, should shortly end with me, and what is earthly of them be buried in my grave, and the spiritual go with me to my eternal state, rather than that you should put your skill to the proof in my behalf.
Lord," thought I, "pardon my offences, and send me fulfilment of all my desires;" and as I passed a church I crossed myself, repented of my sins, and reminded myself that I was unworthy to hold communication with the Lord God.
LET us hurry to the walls," said Abel-Phittim to Buzi-Ben-Levi and Simeon the Pharisee, on the tenth day of the month Thammuz, in the year of the world three thousand nine hundred and fortyone--let us hasten to the ramparts adjoining the gate of Benjamin, which is in the city of David, and overlooking the camp of the uncircumcised; for it is the last hour of the fourth watch, being sunrise; and the idolaters, in fulfilment of the promise of Pompey, should be awaiting us with the lambs for the sacrifices.
Webgistix is a global leader in eCommerce order fulfilment.
NICE, France -- At TeleManagement World 2006 today, OSS software leader Cramer announced that France's Completel will deploy Cramer6 OSS Suite - just two months after Cramer introduced the industry's first complete end-to-end service fulfilment solution.
As Completel launches an ambitious new growth strategy, it has committed to Cramer as its single end-to-end fulfilment solution to drive network expansion into 110 cities, and to offer new IP-based services to enterprises, small-to-medium sized enterprises and resellers.
Trade -- A suite of web-based applications providing procurement, fulfilment and visibility between buyers and suppliers by enabling them to electronically exchange business-critical information such as online quotations, purchase orders, order confirmations and invoices via Kewill.