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We have done our job and we are proud of it, but the expectations that we had from the international community were never fulfiled.
TO gain city status there is a set of criteria to be fulfiled - having a cathedral and so on.
He was a wee boy from the east end of Glasgow who fulfiled his dream of playing for Celtic and Scotland and who also managed the club he loved and being assistant manager to two bosses with the nation which was so dear to him.
LIONS emphatically fulfiled their brief to win their home games with this comprehensive opening defeat of an established National Three North side.
A very important function at the event is fulfiled by the ICA's Annual National Ice Cream competition organised to find the best flavours and highest quality ice creams.
It was only when I moved to Celtic I fulfiled the dream and went full-time, earning about 500 quid a week, which was great money.
But the Bath star insists his sporting life is far from fulfiled.
Health-conscious consumers require a `quick-fix' snack that also doubles as a `good for you' snack--a role Snack-a-Jacks, the rice and corn snack containing less than 10% fat, has fulfiled.
Cardiff have already fulfiled two of those aims - and looking at the quality of guys they are signing I have little doubt they'll help me achieve the third.
Once we decided on our destination we have four criteria which must be fulfiled by the venue.
IT seems Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi's suggestion for the world community to speak up against crimes against children may finally be fulfiled.
He said all promises made with people would be fulfiled.
That has dissipated, however, with Ashley satisfied that the Newcastle boss has fulfiled his pre-season objective of a top-10 finish.
Over the decades that followed -- and that culminate this week in her Diamond Jubilee celebrations -- that undoubted queen diligently fulfiled a role she considered fateful.