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the pivot about which a lever turns

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The undisclosed deal amount yields Fulcrum a cash return of 15x on capital invested and an Internal Ratio of Return (IRR) of 40 percent.
Fulcrum is a technology company based in Centreville, Virginia that provides pivotal solutions and services primarily for federal customers in the defense, intelligence, education and healthcare sectors leveraging Software and Systems Development, Cloud Computing, Data Management, CyberSecurity, Data Fusion, and Advanced Technology and Research.
The electrical connections market represents a significant growth opportunity for Fulcrum, and is estimated to be worth in excess of GBP 500m per annum
Fulcrum and Air BP, the aviation arm of BP, have also agreed to terms on a 500 million gallon jet fuel offtake deal that will provide Air BP with 50 million gallons per year of low-carbon, drop-in jet fuel.
Redstage will continue to operate as an independent business, focusing on delivering robust, scalable eCommerce solutions to help clients build profitable business; with this collaboration it will expand its operations across the UK & Europe by leveraging Fulcrum's Global Delivery Model and increase the value Fulcrum delivers to its large customer base.
Fulcrum CEO, Rajesh Sinha quotes: "The DNA of Fulcrum is in its people and its culture.
Intel is acquiring networking chip company Fulcrum Microsystems for an undisclosed amount in an effort to boost its networking offerings, Intel said.
Five different typodonts were set up for each participant with a different fulcrum randomly assigned for use on each typodont.
Fulcrum Pharma is a worldwide drug development firm with offices outside Raleigh NC, in Japan, Scotland and France--and headquarters in Hemel Hempstead, UK.
At the show, Fulcrum will launch the Readers Friend brand that incorporates several light-emitting diodes into task lights, book lights, utility lights and other problem-solvers.
As described by Mark Gottfredson and Keith Aspinall, an institution's innovation fulcrum is that point at which the number of products or services it offers strikes the right balance between customer satisfaction and operating complexity.
The latest in the "Guide to Plants and Animals" series from Fulcrum Publishing, America's Seashores Guide To Plants And Animals is a softcover children's picturebook introduction to the plants, animals, and natural wonders of the seashore.
The initial Fulcrum technology was developed at The Dow Chemical Company and is a pultrusion process using resins manufactured by Dow.
has spun off its Fulcrum thermoplastic composites technology to form a new company, Fulcrum Composites Inc.
Fulcrum Publications (Toronto, ON) has acquired Octane magazine from Jun-Warren Publishing (Calgary, AB).