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an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

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We're trying to make them educated voters," Fuhrer said about her students, "and then also get them registered to vote.
Y el politico Hitler llego tras de una larga preparacion con un partido fanaticamente unido y esgrimiendo un proyecto que, admitamoslo, funciono muy bien por unos anos de tal manera que el Fuhrer alcanzo un nivel impresionante de apoyo popular que llego al delirio, por lo que le fue facil imponer su dictadura.
The Fuhrer then became addicted to a heroin-like substance called Eukodel, which was prescribed following a nervous breakdown in 1944.
The Fuhrer shows himself to be an aimal lover and, left, the new book offering an insight into Hitler's bid to show himself as an ordinary man
Es la obra de Spotts una apologia al Fuhrer y, en definitiva, al totalitarismo?
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 28, 2013-Fresenius offloads biotech unit to Fuhrer family(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Country: GermanySector: BiotechnologyTarget: Fresenius Biotech GmbHBuyer: The Fuhrer familyVendor: Fresenius SE & Company KGaAType: DivestmentStatus: Closed
Despite this growth, Fuhrer recognized the puzzle still had a long way to go if it hoped to secure even a meaningful fraction of Sudoku's success.
Aotearoa Distillers director Ulf Fuhrer says winning the awards is particularly significant as leverage for potential sales into China.
THE owner of the celebrated "Hitler house" revealed how he first heard it had become an internet sensation for resembling the Fuhrer - in a phone call from Germany.
An unprecedented museum exhibition on Hitler, complete with rarely seen (in Germany) images of the Fuhrer, went up in Berlin.
Levy's My Fuhrer reinvents history and rewrites the final months of the Third Reich, much like Quentin Tarantino did with Inglorious Basterds (which tells the tale of a Jewish vigilante group, the Basterds, during WWII).
The '"leader" in this case was none other than the Fuhrer, featured on giant billboards sporting a pink Nazi uniform, where a red heart replaced the usual chilling swastika on his arm band.
The Fuhrer and his wife Eva Braun killed themselves in the Reich Chancery in Berlin as Allied forces moved in.
15am to be confronted by some 1940's song about De Fuhrer and then it appeared to be his same voice plugging a mall on a radio ad a few minutes later - isn't this supposed to be the prime time radio slot for a major radio station?