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a blowfish highly prized as a delicacy in Japan but highly dangerous because the skin and organs are poisonous

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FuGu derives its name from a Japanese delicacy fugu, poisonous enough to kill unless served correctly.
Fugu is a rather bland, unremarkable fish except for one thing: its internal organs, particularly the liver, are highly toxic Japanese chefs have to acquire a special certificate to prove that they know how to remove all traces of toxin before preparing the dish.
They think nothing of feasting on fugu, a fish that is fatally toxic if carelessly prepared.
3 MOST DANGEROUS -Japanese delicacy, Fugu (pufferfish) is deadly if prepared incorrectly.
A comparison among fish illustrates this: the pufferfish Fugu lives with a genome one-quarter the size of the zebrafish, although both have about the same number of genes.
The family of Baba Fugu Mohammed, a respected community leader, told Al Jazeera earlier this month that he was among those put to death outside the police station.
He cooked various ethnic foods, including the Japanese fugu, a potentially fatal balloon fish soup.
Also referred to as pufferfish, blowfish, sea squab and globefish, fugu Varies in degrees of toxicity.
Salvation may have come in the form of the humble Arothron Hispidus (puffer fish, to you and me, or fugu to the Japanese) which, according to professional tough-nut Robert Twigger, is one of the sure fire ways of separating the men from the boys.
zai shixian, langxi er si zhe, duo lei Hanren, zai yongcong zhe juchang fugu.
The bizarrely titled Swim Away Fugu changes tack again.
Yan Buke, "Zongjing, fugu yu zunjing, shiyong(shang): zhonggu zhouli liumian zhidu xinshuai bianyi" [?
DOE and MRC launch a collaborative project to sequence the genome of the puffer fish, Fugu rubripes, by March 2001.