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Rock pioneers THE FUGS - the world's first major underground/punk group - will release their final, and arguably best-ever studio recording - BE FREE
Featuring the band's 25-year-strong lineup of Steve Taylor (guitar and vocals), Coby Batty (drums and vocals), and co-producer Scott Petito (bass and keyboards) - this is a monumental recording of two great American poets and songwriters: founding Fugs Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg.
THE FUGS have had a significant impact on the evolution of rock music, their influence was apparent in their Village contemporaries Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention and The Velvet Underground, just as it is in today's indie rock and freak folk.
We'd smoke some dope and listen to Hendrix's Electric Ladyland, The Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, and sooner or later Virgin Fugs or It Crawled into My Hand, Honest with its sing-along anthem "Wide, Wide River" (aka "River of Shit").
There is Ed Sanders of the Fugs and Edward Sanders, who has deleted the epic obscenity Shards of God (which opens with the much-reprinted "Great Pentagon Hunching Contest") from his list of publications.
The Fugs," Paul told him knowingly, "are the next big thing
This interview was conducted with Ed Sanders at my house in Lord North Street, Westminster, London, in October 1968, when the Fugs were touring Europe.
Of course I knew about the Fugs as a musical group because they had recorded for Folkways Records in the heady days of the early 1960s.
Suddenly cutting through my confused thoughts and the tumult of the crowd surging around me rang out the instantly recognizable, penetrating cacophony of a Fugs song.
But the Fugs, the popular rock group which Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg, fellow poet and activist, got together as a way to reach people more immediately, Olson did not take at first seriously.
Even more, it tells specifically the story of his life, in a sturdy and accomplished verse, as a "history," which it clearly is, of all that that life had to do with, the decisive political engagements and confrontations, the domestic particulars of his wife and child and himself, the travels and performances of the Fugs, the world as one knew it in that one cataclysmic year.
The Fugs took their name from a fornicatory euphemism in Norman
Reissued as The Fugs First Album, ESP and Base, 1966; rereleased with additional material and booklet notes by Sanders on Fugs Records-Fantasy, 1994.
Reissued with additional material and booklet notes by Sanders as The Fugs Second Album, Fugs Records, 1993.
Yet to say this is to neglect the variousness of his work, and so if it seems a long way from the March on the Pentagon or the Fugs (the Ed Sanders many know best) to the world of Anton Chekhov, then Chekhov underscores how wide-ranging are its author's passions yet how constant his concerns, including his vision of the artist as agent of social change.